What happens if a partner vendor is potentially violating the code of conduct?

As an ethical buyer, the Bookstore responds to any reports of labour rights violations as follows:

  • If we receive a report, that we consider credible (examples might include reports from a non-governmental organization, labour organization or media source), that a vendor or subcontractor has violated the Vendor Code of Conduct contained in this policy, the Bookstore will inform the vendor of the specific complaint. The vendor will have 30 days from the date of the notice to respond to the allegation on behalf of itself and its subcontractors. If the vendor acknowledges the allegation is wholly or partially correct, it must provide a detailed rectification plan acceptable to us outlining a program of  how it will rectify the problems within a year
  • We can request an inspection of a vendor’s facilities by a third party to determine if a violation occurred or to establish whether the violation has been addressed. The cost of this inspection is borne by the vendor
  • In the event that violations are found, whether they are acknowledged by the vendor or verified in an inquiry by an independent inspector, remedial action by the vendor must include, as a minimum, the reinstatement of any worker found to have been unlawfully dismissed, as well as compensation for lost wages
  • If the vendor does not respond to the report of a violation, fails to cooperate with an inspection or fails to provide a rectification plan acceptable to us, we will terminate without notice or penalty any contract and will not conduct any future business with the vendor.