Departmental Orders

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Departmental Ordering Updates and New Services!




Textbooks & Course Materials
For instructors who need an ordering link, receive your password by logging into Verba Collect. You're encouraged to order your course materials by the deadlines for each semester to ensure that students have the course materials available to them by start of term.

Please have your course orders submitted by the following dates:

  • September Term – May 1st
  • January Term – October 1st
  • May Term – March 1st
  • July Courses – April 1st

New to UBC?

For instructors who are new to UBC, receive your password by creating a new account on Verba Collect. If you haven't already received an email from our textbook team with your ordering link, please contact (Vancouver) or (Okanagan) and we'd be happy to assist you.

Vancouver Ordering System  Okanagan Ordering System

Office Products
Custom Imprint
Brand stationery, gifts and clothing with your department's logo.

Speak to a Custom Imprint Rep  Online Catalogue

UBC Staff can order furniture through Staples Eway

Browse Staples Advantage 

Payment Options
There are two methods of payment for UBC departmental orders:
  1. UBC Purch​ase Card (P-card) - a corporate Visa card issued by Supply Management. Each authorized user is issued a card. P-card users will receive a price reduction on their purchases.
  2. UBC Bookstore Account - the Bookstore open account will continue to be used with the new Workday “Worktags” (formerly “speed chart #”).

  New/Renewal Open account form

Purchase Forms and Online Catalogues
Your source for order, finance and application forms as well as our online catalogues to assist you in departmental purchases. Save on office products by using Staples Advantage: Create a Department Account and save up to 20% on office products.

Order Forms and Online Catalogues

Bulk Orders of Books
Looking to order books for your next event or author reading? Contact us as we'll negotiate a reduced rate with the publisher!

Email our book rep