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As an ethical buyer, the Bookstore responds to any reports of labour rights violations as follows:

  • If we receive a report, that we consider credible (examples might include reports from a non-governmental organization, labour organization or media source), that a vendor or subcontractor has violated the Vendor Code of Conduct contained in this policy, the Bookstore will inform the vendor of the specific complaint. The vendor will have 30 days from the date of the notice to respond to the allegation on behalf of itself and its subcontractors. If the vendor acknowledges the allegation is wholly or partially correct, it must provide a detailed rectification plan acceptable to us outlining a program of  how it will rectify the problems within a year
  • We can request an inspection of a vendor’s facilities by a third party to determine if a violation occurred or to establish whether the violation has been addressed. The cost of this inspection is borne by the vendor
  • In the event that violations are found, whether they are acknowledged by the vendor or verified in an inquiry by an independent inspector, remedial action by the vendor must include, as a minimum, the reinstatement of any worker found to have been unlawfully dismissed, as well as compensation for lost wages
  • If the vendor does not respond to the report of a violation, fails to cooperate with an inspection or fails to provide a rectification plan acceptable to us, we will terminate without notice or penalty any contract and will not conduct any future business with the vendor.

There are a few reasons why you received this declined order notification: 

-          Your billing address does not match your credit card’s address. Your billing address must match exactly what is shown on your credit card statement

-          The address you’ve entered is incorrect and/or our system doesn’t recognize the address

-          The credit card has been reported stolen or lost

-          The credit card limit has been reached

-          Also note, our website cannot process debit cards (VISA or M/C debit)

Finally, this can sometimes be a system issue on our end that will resolve itself within 24 hours. Please check all of the factors above first. If after 24 hours you are still having problems with your online order, please contact us using the link below and we will do everything we can to assist you.

Please contact us by email.

To order items that are not on the Workday supplies catalogue, you can use the Workday special requisition process. Please refer to the Workday instructions for ordering non-catalogue items.   Your ISC support team can assist with the training. Please use this link for ISC Service Now.

You can print out your personalized textbook list in-store. Or search for your required course materials for each course online.

All textbooks are now in alphabetical order by author. Go to one of our terminals and print off your alphabetical book list. Then look for the shelf tag for your course. Can’t find your book? Ask our staff - we’re pretty cool and know a thing or two.

Detailed instructions on how to return online purchases is included in our return policy.

Canvas refers to materials that are integrated into your course site. If a course material includes “Canvas” in the name, this indicates that there is a digital component accessible within Canvas that is included with your purchase. Your instructor will give you more instructions in class.

We’re always looking for new options and ways to reduce the costs of textbooks to students.

  1. CHOICES. As well as new books, we offer three other choices of books to take into account differing budgets: used (which can save you up to 75% if you can sell them back), ebooks (up to 50% cheaper) and custom course packs.
  2. CUSTOM COURSE PACKS: because we only charge for printing and copyright clearance costs, there are now on average 33% cheaper. 
  3. SELL TEXTBOOKS BACK. We offer you the opportunity to see your books back to us throughout the year. We try to buy back as many books as we can - if a book is being used for another term on campus you will get up to 50 per cent of the new cost; if the book is not being used the next term, but is still a current edition you will receive a wholesale price. Again, we are encouraging faculty to use books on campus for multiple terms so that we can buy back as many books as possible.

Job Aids have been created to guide you through the use of Workday and ordering office supplies. Please refer to this link to the ISC Service Now.

Students: Gowns must be picked up 1.5 hours prior to your ceremony start time. Pick up is located at 1866 Main Mall Block B, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1 (Buchanan building). Please ensure you have your gown order number with you when you arrive, and a piece of photo ID.

Faculty: Gowns should be picked up 1 - 1.5 hours prior to  your ceremony start time. Pick up location is the Telus Room at the Chan Centre for Performing Arts.

Order history is not available through Workday. Users with a previous EWAY ID can still access your EWAY order history to find item numbers.  New users can email SBA Customer Care at for assistance with item# to add to cart.

Vancouver – Regalias must be returned back to the Chan Centre.

Okanagan – Regalia must be returned to the UBC Okanagan Bookstore.

Please return your gown no later than 1 hour after your ceremony concludes.

Each custom course pack has been handpicked and given hours of dedication to put together. As such (and to comply with Copyright law), we ask that you don’t photocopy, scan or reproduce these for use other than for yourself. Please and thank you.

Staples Business Advantage and Staples.Ca are two separate divisions of Staples. UBC’s contract for supplies and copy paper, with Staples Business Advantage, includes special services like

Environmentally friendly delivery with smaller Campus Mail trucks, reducing greenhouse gases and carbon taxes for UBC.

Streamlined Workday/EWAY procurement processes.

Special UBC reporting to meet regulatory requirements. 

These special services, included in the price of the Workday items, help UBC to save money, time and the environment.

We accept both Visa and Mastercard credit cards and UBC Bookstore Gift Cards for online orders. We cannot accept American Express or debit cards for online orders.