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Order history is not available through Workday. Users with a previous EWAY ID can still access your EWAY order history to find item numbers.  New users can email SBA Customer Care at for assistance with item# to add to cart.

Each custom course pack has been handpicked and given hours of dedication to put together. As such (and to comply with Copyright law), we ask that you don’t photocopy, scan or reproduce these for use other than for yourself. Please and thank you.

Workday has pre-assigned Approvers. Please confirm with your department finance manager if you are permitted to order supplies and copy paper on Workday and if you have an Approver.

The free trial is 14 days. After that time you must either purchase your course materials online or purchase them from the bookstore. Activate your purchase in Canvas using your receipt number.

Staples Business Advantage (SBA) is the commercial division of Staples providing a higher level of business solutions, like Workday integration to EWAY, custom reporting and customized delivery solutions, for large complex accounts like UBC. Staples retail and Staples.Ca are not part of the UBC agreement.

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Unfortunately, no. All gowns can only be picked up 1 hour and 30 minutes prior to the ceremony you are attending. Gowns are boxed by ceremony number and are not unpacked until right before each ceremony. We are not able to retrieve any gowns in advance.

No, for security reasons, orders will not be delivered to residential addresses. Only special exceptions will be permitted as determined and approved by Workday approvers.

Gowns can also be rented on-site on the day of your ceremony. Please arrive a minimum of 45-60 minutes prior to the ceremony to ensure you leave adequate time to pick up your regalia from the Bookstore staff at the Robing Room. You can pay cash, credit, debit or with your Open Account Worktag (UBC Bookstore account).

On-site registration locations are: 

Vancouver – The Robing Room for faculty is located in the Royal Bank Cinema at the Chan Centre. Access via the Royal Bank Cinema entrance off of Crescent Road.

Okanagan – The UBC Okanagan Bookstore

Redeemed/activated E-book and access code purchases are final sale. Please complete our contact form to receive assistance with returning unactivated course materials from a Bookstore team member. 

No worries! If you gave the cashier your student card when you made your purchase in-store or you entered your student number when you ordered online, your access will be automatically provided.

  1. Save up to 50%
  2. They are environmentally friendly
  3. You don’t have to haul around heavy books

Typically, publishers will place restrictions on actions you can take within their eBook platforms. This usually includes restrictions on both copying text and printing. However this varies from publisher to publisher.

Black gown and faculty hood (recommended)

Black gown (only if you own a hood)

Hood only (only if you own a gown)

PhD Package (only if your PhD was from UBC)

$40.00 (plus tax)

$20.00 (plus tax)

$20.00 (plus tax)

$40.00 (plus tax)