Sponsored Students

Please follow the step-by-step instructions below to create a Course Materials/Supplies Order to be billed to your sponsor’s account.

  1. Visit our Course List Builder here and confirm that there are books assigned for your course(s).
  2. Complete the required information including your name, email address, phone number and shipping address and upload your student ID.
  3. In the “List Your Courses” section of the form, please include your course name, number and section in this format: PHYS 157 201. This is to ensure we get the correct books listed for your course (often different sections will assign different course materials for the same course).
  4. Indicate your preferred format or version. Please note, if you choose the “Whichever is Fastest” option, this could mean a digital copy, new or used physical copy depending on what we currently have in stock. If you want a specific format, please let us know by including a note in the Comments section.
  5. Indicate whether you plan to pick up your order in-store or if you would like it shipped to you (shipping costs are billable to your sponsor).
  6. Submit your order form. Once submitted, a customer service associate will process your order and you will be notified by email when it is ready. If your requested materials are not currently in stock, you will also be contacted via email. During September and January Back-to-School periods, please allow two business days for your order to be processed.

Important note: if you are in a program that doesn’t display any required course materials in the Course List Builder, but you have received a list of required materials from your instructor, please include the title, author and ISBN. For non-textbook materials orders, please include the product Web ID (found in the Product Page’s description) so we can ensure we get you the correct materials.

Order Form

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