Custom Imprint FAQs

Why should I order my custom items from the UBC Bookstore?
  • At the UBC Bookstore we ensure that all UBC branded items adhere strictly to UBC’s branding guidelines. This means that you can be confident that your custom items are on brand and are representing UBC.
  • We are proud of our No Sweat Policy, and all of our clothing items are sourced from Fair Labour Association (FLA) compliant vendors. This means you can rest assured that your imprinted clothing was made ethically and followed environmentally responsible practices.
  • In addition to our No Sweat Policy, we support local and make every effort to work with local and Canadian vendors wherever possible.
  • Finally, a portion of all the UBC Bookstore’s proceeds go back into the university, which means that your purchase helps to support your local UBC community.
Can I order just one piece of custom clothing or giftware?
Yes, if you are ordering from one of our established programs on this page.

Otherwise, you must stick to our minimum order quantities for clothing which are:

  • Screenprinted items: 24
  • Embroidered pieces: 12

For giftware (such as drinkware and lanyards) minimum order quantities are item-dependent. Please contact the Custom Imprint Buyer to request more information on either of these.

How are custom imprinted items priced?
Custom imprint pricing is always quantity-dependent so the higher the quantities, the lower the per-item pricing.

In addition to quantity:

Clothing pricing is driven largely by:

  • Imprint type (screenprint vs. embroidery)
  • Design complexity (more colors = higher pricing)
  • Number of imprints (e.g., front of shirt, back of shirt, sleeve, etc.)

Giftware pricing is driven largely by:

  • Design complexity
  • Number of imprints
How do I get submit a quote request to get pricing?
Please complete this form online to get pricing on custom clothing or giftware items.
How do I submit my artwork?
If you just want to put the UBC crest and some text on your item, you can simply describe what you want and we will adhere to the UBC Branding guidelines to produce a mockup for you.

If you want something other than UBC Crest and text, then you must submit an original vector artwork file (.eps or .ai). If you do not have your artwork in vector format, then usually it is just a small, one-time fee (around $30) to have your artwork converted into the proper format.

How do I pay for my order?
You must submit payment info at the time of placing your order – we hold payment info and do not bill your order until it has arrived at the Bookstore and been checked for accuracy and quality assurance.

If you are ordering for a department please request a quote, and then you can either:

§  Authorize payment on an open account at the Bookstore (provide your driver worktag information for us to check or help you set up the account) OR

§  Pay online using a departmental credit card

If you are ordering for a student group with an AMS account then please request an invoice and then submit a cheque payable to the UBC Bookstore.

If you are ordering for yourself or a small group that are not affiliated with an undergraduate society or department then please request a quote and then we will provide the steps to make an online payment using a credit card.

How long will it take to get my order?
Most custom imprinted items take 3-4 weeks for production (this does not include shipping times from the vendor to the Bookstore). Some items are eligible for rush processing, rush charges will typically apply. Please note that single custom clothing items from the Faculty Branded page cannot be rushed.
Can I sell my custom imprinted items at the UBC Bookstore?
Yes! Please contact our Custom Imprint Buyer to discuss consignment opportunities through the UBC Bookstore.

If you have any further questions about Custom Imprint orders then please contact our Custom Imprint Buyer