Canvas and Willo FAQ

Our most popular questions around Canvas and Willow course materials.

Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) that helps facilitate teaching and learning at UBC. For more on Canvas, please visit

Willo is the software platform being utilized to integrate external online teaching and learning tools into your course site on Canvas. Willo allows for these tools to be used while keeping UBC course and student data private and secure.

You will need to talk with the publisher rep that supplies the online tools you are using to make sure they are compatible with Canvas integration at UBC, and get the correct ISBNs for ordering (these ISBNs are specifically for the UBC Canvas integrations, and will be different than ISBNs you have used in the past).
Once you have decided on the products you will be using, you will need to place your order with the UBC Bookstore with a note that you are doing Canvas integration. Your order needs to be submitted by the corresponding deadlines below:
July 1st for September courses
November 1st for January courses
March 15th for summer courses (both May and July start dates)
*** Please note that, due to the work needed for Canvas integrations, these are very firm deadlines by which you need to place your order with the Bookstore in order for integration to be possible.
       3. You will need to email/inform your students that there are special instructions for the purchase and access of their course materials well before classes start, as students cannot purchase from other sources such as Amazon (the instructions are available below, or you can contact
       4. Once you have submitted your order to the Bookstore, the Bookstore, CTLT, and the publisher will all work together to make sure the integration is completed, and the materials are ready for your students by the first day of classes.

When UBC chose to change the LMS over to Canvas, they also started using Willo to make sure that UBC data was even more private and secure. With this came changes to the way that the integrations are done both on the backend for CTLT, and on the front end for the Bookstore (due to the changes in the way students access the materials).

We ask that you send the following message to students a few (2-3) weeks before the start of class, as their purchasing options are different for Canvas integrated products (ie. they cannot purchase from Amazon):PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOUR COURSE MATERIALS FOR THIS COURSE!!!
This course will be using a product that is integrated into the course site. In order to utilize this material, you MUST purchase your course materials for this course at the UBC Bookstore. Purchases from any other retailer (ie. friend, Amazon, Discount Textbooks, etc.) are not able to be verified through the course site, and you will not be able to access the content needed.
You have two options of purchasing your course materials for this course:
Purchase either the physical or digital product in-store or online at the UBC Bookstore – for these purchases you MUST keep your receipt in order to verify the purchase on the course site.
Log into the course site and follow the link to purchase the required materials (*Please note, you can only purchase the digital product through this option).
If you purchase in-store or online from the bookstore, you will need to log into the course site and click on the ‘Redeem Your Purchase Receipt Number’ option in order to verify your purchase and gain access to the online materials.