Sustainability First: Supporting The Planet And The People


We believe in proactive action at the UBC Bookstore. Our mission aligns with institutional efforts to advance sustainable development goals (SDG) and ensure the continued promotion of environmental, social, and economic well-being.

To ensure that sustainability is embedded across the university through partnerships, operations, infrastructure, teaching, and learning, our holistic approach includes sourcing from local vendors and manufacturers to reduce our carbon footprint. Whether it’s packages, pallets, or plastics, we make a concentrated effort to recycle wherever possible.

Some of the ways we demonstrate our commitment to sustainable practices on campus include:

  • Actively seeking out locally-made or Canadian-made products to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Encouraging the re-use of textbooks through used books, buybacks, and rentals, selling reusable, eco-friendly, and biodegradable bags
  • Promoting the use of reusable drinkware 
  • Recycling packaging, batteries, and more
  • Promoting pencils and notebooks which come from 100% FSC certified forests 
  • Participating in UBC Sprouts’ Community Fridge rescued food initiative by donating food from the Corner Store each day. This initiate helps reduce food waste on campus and supports UBC students who are food insecure.
  • Supporting fair labour is also ingrained in our values – we are mindful not to purchase clothing from vendors who are not members of the FLA or another recognized sweatshop-free organization.

As part of UBC’s sustainability strategy, the UBC Bookstore aligns with many like minded partners eg: Kliin Organics’ eco-friendly cleaning products, Kikkerland, whose packaging is all sustainable,  Hand & Sew, who provide upcycled leather,  Nalgene, whose bottles are made from recycled plastics, and environmentally responsible clothing vendors like MV Sports and Hotline. 

To bolster our communities and ensure responsible resource consumption, we’re always looking for brands who integrate corporate social responsibility programs into their businesses and align themselves with pressing social movements.

Nalgene bottle made from recycled plastic

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