Avoid the crowds and order your books online

Practice safe social distancing by ordering online and having them delivered or select curbside pickup


Students are strongly encouraged to order their books online and to either have them delivered or if convenient, pick them up at our dedicated online pick-up desk at the front of the store.

Due to longer delivery times, students are encouraged to choose e-book versions when possible. Not only will you receive your books immediately, but you'll save money on shipping costs!

Can't find your book? Check back frequently as the book lists will be updated constantly 

Reasons to shop with us for your course materials:


We work with the instructors to find the least expensive study materials. That means working with the libraries to provide free materials, choosing less-expensive books and more.

Extended Return Policy

Not sure about a class? Don't worry! We have an extended return policy just for course materials so that you can drop your classes on the deadline date and STILL be able to return your books.

Instructor Approved

All of our books are carefully selected with your instructors, insuring that you get the most up-to-date version of your study materials.