Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund on a rented book if I decide I don’t want it or if I drop the class?

Yes, rental books can be refunded up until the extended returns date for textbooks at the beginning of each term just like textbook purchases. This is usually the add/drop deadline for classes as well. Once this day passes, rentals become non-refundable, even if rented after this date

Can I keep my gown for a longer period of time?

We cannot allow students to return gowns later than 1 hour after your ceremony is over. Gowns are packed up and shipped back to Winnipeg at the end of each day. Any unreturned gowns and hoods will be charged to students at their full replacement cost so please be sure to return the gown after you have finished taking pictures with your friends and family.

Can I order for delivery to my home office?

No, for security reasons, orders will not be delivered to residential addresses. Only special exceptions will be permitted as determined and approved by Workday approvers.

Can I pick up my gown earlier than my schedule time?

Unfortunately, no. All gowns can only be picked up 1 hour and 30 minutes prior to the ceremony you are attending. Gowns are boxed by ceremony number and are not unpacked until right before each ceremony. We are not able to retrieve any gowns in advance.

Can I print or copy text from an eBook?

This is dependent on the publisher and whether or not they have allowed printing for your particular eBook

Can I return an eBook?

eBook returns are determined on a case by case basis, for further information please contact with details of your eBook. 


Can I share custom course materials?

Each custom course pack has been handpicked and given hours of dedication. As such, we ask that you don't photocopy, scan or reproduce these for use other than yourself. Please and thank you.

Can I still contact Kathleen Hatami and Alan Homeniuk with Workday questions?

Please use this link for ISC Service Now for Workday questions (Lower Mainland) and (Okanagan) will still be available to assist with the special quote process for bulk PPE orders, furniture projects, and special-order items not on the Workday/EWAY catalogue.