Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pick up my gown earlier than my schedule time?

Unfortunately, no. All gowns can only be picked up 1 hour and 30 minutes prior to the ceremony you are attending. Gowns are boxed by ceremony number and are not unpacked until right before each ceremony. We are not able to retrieve any gowns in advance.

Can I print or copy text from an eBook?

If the publisher has enabled printing, then yes, you can print pages from your eBook.

Can I return an eBook?

It depends on the eBook:

1) Now Prepay - no refunds available
2) CafeScribe - refundable
3) CourseSmart - refundable provided less than 20% of the 
material has been accessed and downloaded
4) Follett eBook – refundable provided that it has not 
been downloaded.

Can I share custom course materials?

Each custom course pack has been handpicked and given hours of dedication. As such, we ask that you don't photocopy, scan or reproduce these for use other than yourself. Please and thank you.

Can I write in the book or highlight areas?

Definitely! We respect you and your learning style enough to not dictate what you do (or don't do) with your books….within reason, of course. Limited highlighting and note-taking are perfectly acceptable.

Do I have to wear regalia to attend my ceremony?

Yes, all graduates must wear academic regalia to attend the congregation ceremonies. The mortarboard hats for bachelors and masters students are optional, but a gown and hood must be worn by all students wishing to attend.

Do I own or rent the e-book?

It depends! Not all eBooks are permanently yours, some of them are only yours for a minimum of 180 days + maximum of 360 days. Think of them like a rental book.

Do you keep textbooks all term?

Afraid not folks. To help us prepare for the next semester, we return all overstock to the publishers. This allows us to have shelf space ready for when the following semester's/term's textbooks arrive. If you need textbooks, it is advisable to purchase them at the beginning of the semester.

Textbooks returns begin about six weeks after classes start. If we sell out of (or return) copies of textbooks you need, please come to the textbooks desk and place a pre-paid special order. (Exception: textbooks for two-term courses).