Why are the prices on Workday higher for the same item on Staples.CA?

Staples Business Advantage and Staples.Ca are two separate divisions of Staples. UBC’s contract for supplies and copy paper, with Staples Business Advantage, includes special services like Environmentally friendly delivery with smaller Campus Mail trucks, reducing greenhouse gases and carbon taxes for UBC. Streamlined Workday/EWAY procurement processes. Special UBC reporting to meet regulatory requirements.  These special…

I have placed a departmental order through Workday. Who do I contact with delivery issues? My order has not been delivered on time.

Please email Customer Care at easyservice@staples.com with your PO #. There will be a period of fine tuning for the delivery process due to the new Workday address formatting.   Processes are in place for continuous improvement of the new delivery processes using the new Workday delivery address detail.