What is the UBC Bookstore actually doing to lower the cost of textbooks?

We’re always looking for new options and ways to reduce the costs of textbooks to students.

  1. CHOICES. As well as new books, we offer three other choices of books to take into account differing budgets: used (which can save you up to 75% if you can sell them back), ebooks (up to 50% cheaper) and custom course packs.
  2. CUSTOM COURSE PACKS: because we only charge for printing and copyright clearance costs, there are now on average 33% cheaper. 
  3. SELL TEXTBOOKS BACK. We offer you the opportunity to see your books back to us throughout the year. We try to buy back as many books as we can – if a book is being used for another term on campus you will get up to 50 per cent of the new cost; if the book is not being used the next term, but is still a current edition you will receive a wholesale price. Again, we are encouraging faculty to use books on campus for multiple terms so that we can buy back as many books as possible.