What about in the store -- how do I find my textbooks?

All textbooks are now in alphabetical order by author. Go to one of our terminals and print off your alphabetical book list. Then look for the shelf tag for your course. Can't find your book? Ask our staff – we’re pretty cool and know a thing or two.

Why aren’t my textbooks here by the first day of class?

Firstly, we commend you on your organizational skills! There are many reasons: the publisher may be out of stock, or may have no Canadian rights; late order from the department or professor, enrolment was increased or classes added after we ordered, among other reasons.. When there is a delay, we make every effort to get more copies for you as quickly as possible.

If you're ordering abroad to have them delivered abroad, we would strongly advise that you do not choose this option. We would advise you to choose the PICK-UP option so you know they'll be on campus when you arrive.

When is the last day I can definitely buy my textbooks?

Our dates change each term however, we send books back six weeks after the start of term. at this time, we we will be sending unpurchased books back to the publishers. To ensure you can buy your textbooks, we strongly recommend you purchase your books at the beginning of term.

Can I share custom course materials?

Each custom course pack has been handpicked and given hours of dedication. As such, we ask that you don't photocopy, scan or reproduce these for use other than yourself. Please and thank you.

Why don’t you have more used textbooks?

We wish we had more, too! Unfortunately, demand exceeds availability. However, we are now buying books back from multiple campuses to increase the supply. If the edition is changed year upon year, we cannot sell the used book - unfortunately, this is beyond our control. 

What's the difference between Required and Optional textbooks?

Your lovely professors/instructors choose the required textbooks. Required textbooks contain the basis of the course and will be referred to frequently. If you want to be a boss you can read the optional textbooks, which are for additional reading on a particular subject. 

How do I find out what textbooks I need for my courses?

You can print out your textbook list in store or see it online! Simply enter your student number and voila! there it is. 

I've had to switch courses and I don't need my textbooks. Can I return them?

Wasn't feeling a class? Don't worry, we've got your back. Generally, the Bookstore's refund period is 14 days from date of purchase. However, at the start of the September and January terms, we extend the refund period. Keep your receipts and return in the original condition - refunds will not be issued without a receipt. For more details, see our Return policy. Please note that when returning items purchased on a parent's credit card, please bring in the actual card so we can credit the same card. Your parents will thank you.

Do you keep textbooks all term?

Afraid not folks. To help us prepare for the next semester, we return all overstock to the publishers. This allows us to have shelf space ready for when the following semester's/term's textbooks arrive. If you need textbooks, it is advisable to purchase them at the beginning of the semester.

Textbooks returns begin about six weeks after classes start. If we sell out of (or return) copies of textbooks you need, please come to the textbooks desk and place a pre-paid special order. (Exception: textbooks for two-term courses).

How do I avoid line-ups?

Not a fan of long lineups? Let's talk. 

UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan, you have three options:

  • You can order your textbooks online on this site and receive a personalised book list.  If ordering online, please choose the 'PICK UP' option to pick up when you're back on campus.
  • Using the list you obtain online, instead of having your books delivered to you at home, you can arrange to pick them up at the Vancouver main Bookstore or on the Okangan campus. You must also bring yourconfirmation number and student ID.
  • If you want to shop in-store, you just need to print off your list from this site and bring it with you OR you can use one of our terminals in-store in Vancouver. In both stores, our staff  can help you find your books. If you are coming to the store, please check our back to school opening hours.

Shop early. Most required textbooks are available two weeks before classes start. Shop before 11:30 AM and after 2:30 PM to avoid the busiest times. 

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: coming from abroad? We advise you to choose the pick-up option or allow AMPLE time to receive your books and other supplies in your country, otherwise you might not have what you need on the first day of class.

We also offer extended hours at the start of term.