Rental Textbooks

When will the rental books be available?

Rental titles for September are often available just as soon as the new versions are! However, in the event that they're not, you can always exchange your new titles for a rental if it becomes available.

How many times do I have to fill out the rental agreement?

You will need to fill out a rental agreement (the attached shows you what you're agreeing to - you do not need to fill in this form - you either give your consent at the point of purchase online or in-store) for each new rental transaction. If you’re renting two books at one time then one agreement will be enough. If you come back later to rent another book you will need to fill out another agreement.

What is the rental book program?

Glad you asked! Our rental books program lets you rent your books instead of buying them. This saves you up to 55 per cent off the new price on every single book you rent.

You can either rent in-store or online at both the Vancouver or Okanagan campus.

UBC Bookstore is the only bookstore with direct access to your professors’ book lists, so only we can guarantee that the books are the right ones for your classes. What’s more, unlike online rental companies, we carry all your other course materials: one-stop-shopping! If you order your materials in-store and pick them up there instead of having them shipped there are no shipping costs - more money in your pocket. If you order online, there are shipping costs ($10 anywhere in the Lower Mainland), but then the books are conveniently delivered to your door.

What books are available to rent?

We are trying to rent every book above $25 (except custom course packages and ebooks/digital) in our store.

You can rent a USED book and get 55% off the price of a new book, and you can rent a NEW book and get 45% off the price of the new book.

What happens if my rental book is lost, damaged or stolen?

If your rental book is lost, damaged, or stolen, your credit card will be charged the retail price of the book charged by UBC Bookstore to purchasers of new copies.

When you sign your rental agreement, you accept responsibility to use the book and return it to the Bookstore in its original condition (no tears, no water damage, limited writing/highlighting etc.). If there is any damage at the time of rental, it must be noted on the rental agreement form.

For those returning rentals by mail, please ensure that your shipment can be tracked via a tracking number. The Bookstore is not responsible for rental book returns which do not reach the Bookstore.

I have a two-term course - can I still rent my books?

The rental program is currently only for single-term courses. If you have rented your books for two-term courses, you can do the following: buy out the book for retail less the rental fee or renting the title again in store (you will need to sign another rental agreement).

What are the requirements for renting books?

Just what you already have as a UBC student: have an active email address and a Student UBCcard. You'll need to fill out a rental agreement (the attached shows you what you're agreeing to) either on the ecommerce site when you rent books online or at our front cashier desk when you're in the store. This signifies your commitment to bringing your book back by the return date.

When I'm in store, how do I find the rental books?

The e-shelf tags will indicate if the rental option is available and the new price so you can compare. We will rent a new or used book, dependent upon what is in-stock.

Is it a better deal to rent a book or to purchase it and then sell it back at buyback?

Renting provides a lower out-of-pocket cost to students; however, in some cases it can be more economical to buy a used textbook (when it’s available) and sell it back at buyback. It is important to note that you can’t sell back a rented book at buyback. Rented copies are property of the UBC Bookstore and must be returned to the store, not buyback. You will receive no money back for rented textbooks.

Can I write in the book or highlight areas?

Definitely! We respect you and your learning style enough to not dictate what you do (or don't do) with your books….within reason, of course. Limited highlighting and note-taking are perfectly acceptable.