Office Supplies

Is there training available for the ordering of office supplies through Workday?

Job Aids posted on Workday will help with the step by step ordering process. Please refer to this Integrated Service Centre link for all Workday services including e-procurement link to EWAY ordering

How do I change or add a new delivery address?

Please contact the UBC Integrated Services Centre with the Service Now link  They will update your Location ID, but you will also need to change your CWL Profile address detail to show correct room # and street #.

Can I order for delivery to my home office?

No, for security reasons, orders will not be delivered to residential addresses. Only special exceptions will be permitted as determined and approved by Workday approvers.

Will I still use my credit card to pay for my office supplies orders in Workday?

No, Workday does not require a credit card.  Workday will post all charges using your Workday “Worktag #/FDM#.

Where do I find my order history?

Order history is not available through Workday. Users with a previous EWAY ID can still access your EWAY order history to find item numbers.  New users can email SBA Customer Care at for assistance with item# to add to cart.

Who do I contact for returns and/or issues with my order?

You can contact SBA Customer Care at

How do I order supplies and copy paper on Workday?

Job Aids have been created to guide you through the use of Workday and ordering office supplies. Please refer to this link to the ISC Service Now 

What is Staples Business Advantage (SBA) and how does it differ from Staples?

Staples Business Advantage (SBA) is the commercial division of Staples providing a higher level of business solutions, like Workday integration to EWAY, custom reporting and customized delivery solutions, for large complex accounts like UBC.  Staples retail and Staples.Ca are not part of the UBC agreement.