Office Supplies

Where or how do I get my goods? Do I have to go the Bookstore or does EWAY have a pick-up point?

You’ll be pleased to know that EWAY.CA orders will be delivered to your office in two business days at no extra charge for orders received by 4:00 pm (furniture on EWAY.CA will have a minimal delivery charge). EWAY.CA returns will be picked up within a few days from your office. Bulk paper orders is delivered one day.

How do I set up an EWAY account?

With a UBC Bookstore Open account or a UBC Purchase card you can apply for an EWAY.CA ID and password by completing the EWAY enrolment form and send it to:

How do I set up a UBC Purchase Card account?

UBC Purchase Card information is on the UBC Supply Management website.

How do I set up an Open Account?

Departmental customers (authorized signatory) will send a JV to the UBC Bookstore to set up a new open account. The open account update form is used for adding/deleting names to an existing open account.  

Bookstore open accounts must be renewed annually at fiscal year end.

What are my payment options for office supplies?

1. An Open Account allows authorized departmental customers listed on an Open Account to use their speed chart in person, by fax, by email or on EWAY.CA when ordering.  The UBC Bookstore invoices the order against the speed chart provided.

2. The Purchase card is a departmental Visa card that allows for automatic billing and is the most streamlined option for one speed chart and has the lowest transaction cost to UBC. Please note, not every one that orders supplies is authorized to have a Purchase Card and Purchase card transactions have to be reconciled to the Visa statement at the end of the month.

3. A Journal Voucher (JV) is an electronic or hardcopy form that is used internally at UBC for interdepartmental purchases and can be used at the UBC Bookstore for all department purchases.

Does this apply to purchases made at the Bookstore using a Purchase Card, Open Account or Journal Voucher?

Yes, UBC departmental customers can pay by Open Account, Purchase Card or Journal Voucher (JV) when shopping in person at the UBC Bookstore.

UBC Departmental customers can pay by Open Account or Purchase Card when ordering on EWAY.CA.

What is Staples Advantage? How does it differ from Staples?

Staples Retail and are the retail divisions of Staples and are not part of the partnership with the UBC Bookstore.

What is

EWAY.CA by Staples Advantage is the recommended supplier of office products for UBC and saves UBC departments time and money.