Digital Course Materials

I need to buy an access code to complete digital homework activities set by my instructor. How do I do this?

Access codes are sometimes sold individually and are also often sold packaged along with an e-text, print book or both. All digital materials classified in our system as "ETEXT + ACCESS CODE" include the eBook plus the publishers' digital homework aids. Digital Materials that are sold as an access code only are classified in our system as “ACCESS CODE.”


How do I redeem my digital course materials?

We use three different distributors in order to make as many digital course materials available to students as we possibly can. The downside to this is that redeeming your digital course materials can seem...complicated. We get it. We hope these step-by-step instructions will help.

1. Determine whether you have purchased a Campus E-Bookstore, Vitalsource or Canvas Digital product. In your online order Status Update email, find the shipment for the item you wish to activate. It should tell you which type of course material you have purchased and provide instructions on what to do next, but if you are unsure:

  • Campus E-Bookstore: Below the item name, you should see a 12-character redemption code in red, separated by dashes (combination of letters and numbers).
  • Vitalsource:  Below the item name, you should see a 20-character access code (combination of letters and numbers).
  • Canvas Digital: the item you have purchased will be named “Canvas Digital: [publication title]” or Canvas Print: [publication title]”

2. Visit the link that corresponds with your purchase and follow the on-screen instructions:

For more detailed instructions, click here

Why is the cost so high ...aren’t they just like other books?

Textbooks are different from general books because of the information they contain and the limited market they serve. Publishers set a price and the bookstore tries to keep our retail as close to that price as possible. We try to offer as many economical options as we can; including, new, used, rentals and ebooks.

Where can I find the “How to Redeem Access Codes for Digital Materials” information page?
Can I buy an access code that includes the ebook? or do I have to buy a physical book?

Yes. All digital materials that are classified in our system as "ETEXT + ACCESS CODE" include the ebook as well as the publishers digital homework aids.

Can I return an eBook?

Redeemed/activated E-book and access code purchases are final sale. Please complete the form here to receive assistance with returning unactivated course materials from a Bookstore team member. 



Why would I buy an eBook?
  1. Save up to 50%
  2. They are environmentally friendly
  3. You don’t have to haul around heavy books
Do I own or rent the e-book?

It depends! Not all eBooks are permanently yours. Some are rentals and are only yours for a set time period (180 days minimum - 360 days maximum).

What if I am having problems with my eBook?

 Please complete the form here and a Bookstore team member will assist you.


How long do I have access to an eBook? Is there a time limit on reading eBooks?

Some publishers place printing and time restrictions on eBooks. When this is the case, generally, the minimum is 180 days and the maximum is 360 days. For further information on your specific digital materials purchase, complete the form here and a Bookstore team member will assist you.