Canvas Course Help

What do I do if I’ve lost my receipt for my Canvas Access Code purchase?

If you ordered online or you purchased in-store and provided the cashiers with your student card at the time of purchase, we can provide you with your original receipt number or order number so that you can regain access to your course materials in Canvas. If you purchased in-store and did not provide your student card at the time of purchase, unfortunately we are unable to track your original receipt number

I purchased Canvas Materials but my receipt code won’t work

If you purchased in-store, make sure you are entering your receipt code exactly as shown (including the dots). If you purchased online, your code is the 6-digit order number found in your order confirmation email. For detailed redemption instructions, click here. Still doesn’t work? Submit a support request with the UBC Learning Technology Hub.


I'm Having Trouble Redeeming My Canvas Purchase

Submit a support request with the UBC Learning Technology Hub.

I am not being asked to put in a receipt number - what do I do?

No worries! If you gave the cashier your student card when you made your purchase in-store or you entered your student number when you ordered online, your access will be automatically provided.


How do I access Canvas content?
  1. Login to your course at
  2. Go to “Modules” to select the digital materials you need to access and click “ Redeem your purchase”
  3. Enter the receipt number (found under barcode)
  4. OR
  5. Enter the order number (found in order confirmation email)
  6. Click “redeem” to access learning materials
Do I need to buy the book AND the digital copy?

No, you do not need to buy both. If you buy the Canvas Digital option, this gives you both the eBook and Canvas access completely digitally. Buying the Canvas Print option gives you Canvas Access but packaged with a printed book instead of an eBook.


Why can't I use my used copy for a Canvas course? Why do only UBC Bookstore copies work?

All purchases are verified and connected to your CWL account for access, which requires you to purchase the materials through the UBC Bookstore in order to get a receipt that provides the redemption codes. If the cashiers swipe your student card at the time of purchase, this will automatically grant you access . If you purchased your textbook second hand from another student, there is no way for you to activate your course materials in Canvas. 


What does "CANVAS" mean?

Canvas refers to materials that are integrated into your course site. If a course material includes “Canvas” in the name, this indicates that there is a digital component accessible within Canvas that is included with your purchase. Your instructor will give you more instructions in class. 


Can a friend purchase Canvas Course Materials on my behalf?

You MUST have your own receipt with your own receipt codes in order to access the materials. In order to avoid encountering issues accessing your course materials, please do not purchase with your friends on the same receipt.


What do I do when my free access period to Canvas expires?

The free trial is 14 days. After that time you must either purchase your course materials online or purchase them from the bookstore. Activate your purchase in Canvas using your receipt number.