Bookstore Directory



Information desk (textbooks)

Information desk (General books)

Technology Department

Jennifer Stacey, Course Materials Manager

Custom Course Materials Buyer

Elinor Morris, Textbook buyer

Thomas Dobbie Textbook, Supervisor

Bobbi Macdonald, General Book buyer

General Faculty Course Material Inquiries

Mike Roth, General and Medical Book Buyer

Medical books and Health Sciences department

Zachary Wong, Giftware and UBC Executive Collection buyer

Louisa Staton, Custom Imprint buyer

Ruzzle Co, Food Buyer

Jeff Ellis, Furniture and Technology buyer

Kate Hatami, E-Way office supplies representative

Joanna Kwong, Office supplies buyer


Ryan Hirowatari, Store Manager - Okanagan Campus

Julie Forgie, Course Materials Assistant - Okanagan Campus

Randy Bone, Shipping/Receiving - Okanagan Campus

Karen Willoner , Customer Service - Okanagan Campus

Digital Materials