Rental agreement


Fall Term 1: 2016

I agree to rent the textbook(s) listed below (the “Textbook”) on the following terms and conditions:

1)       I understand the Textbook is the property of the University of British Columbia ("UBC") Bookstore, and at no time do I obtain ownership of the Textbook.

2)       I agree to keep the Textbook in an acceptable used condition and take full responsibility for care of the Textbook.

3)       If the Textbook is lost, stolen or damaged, including but not limited to tears, water damage, excessive writing and excessive highlighting as determined by the authorized staff of the UBC Bookstore, I will be required to pay the UBC Bookstore’s current retail price of a NEW textbook (plus tax), less the rental fee already paid at the inception of this agreement, plus a Five Dollar taxable administrative fee.  If there is any damage to the Textbook at the time of rental, it must be noted in the comment field below, or I will be responsible for that damage.

4)       I understand that the Rental Fee is refundable if Textbook is returned within 7 days from start of the relevant course.  The Rental Fee is non-refundable after this time.  The Rental Fee for any Textbook rented after the second week of the Academic Term is non-refundable. The textbook must be in the exact condition it was in at the time of rental in order to be eligible for a refund.

5)       I will return to the UBC Bookstore my Textbook and its accompanying parts, if applicable (CD/DVD, solution manuals, etc.) by the Return Date listed above.

6)       I authorize the UBC Bookstore to charge my credit card (utilizing the credit card information I have provided) for the UBC Bookstore’s current retail price of a NEW textbook (plus tax), less the rental fee already paid, plus a Five Dollar taxable administrative fee, if I do not return the Textbook to the UBC Bookstore by the Return Date or if the Textbook is damaged, lost or stolen.

7)       I consent to the UBC Bookstore accessing my personal contact information, including but not limited to my address, phone number and email, as recorded by UBC Enrolment Services in connection with my Student ID Number for the purposes of administering this Agreement (including but not limited to my breach of this Agreement by failing to return the Textbook on the Return Date or pay any amount owing under this Agreement) and authorize UBC Enrolment Services to release that information to the UBC Bookstore.

8)       If I fail to pay any amounts outstanding under this Agreement by the Return Date listed above, the UBC Bookstore may, in accordance with UBC Policy 67 - Late Payment of Fees and Accounts and without restricting any other legal remedies it may have: (a) notify Enrolment Services, which may decline to allow registration or provide academic transcripts or grade information; (b) report the outstanding obligation to credit reporting agencies; (c) commence legal action; and (d) engage the services of a collection agency.



The personal information you provide on this form is collected pursuant to section 26 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy ActIt will be used only for the purposes of processing and administrating the Textbook Rental Agreement in accordance with section 32 of the Act.  If necessary, it will be disclosed in accordance with sections 32 to 36, as authorized by the Act. For questions or concerns about the collection of your information, please contact: 604.822.2665.


I hereby certify that I have read and understand the terms of this agreement.



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